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If you're anything like me then you can't just pass by a Book Sale without browsing around. We sincerely hope you find something that tickles your fancy. Long brisk mornings spent curled up with a good book and a cup of hot tea are the best. Below are several books written by Roan Poulter, one book written by Dr. Ric

The long road home


Jordan Carter's mother was more than famous, she was a literary icon. Her death leaves him alone in the world and feeling diminished. When he meets Siena, he thinks he may have stumbled upon the love of a lifetime.

But when larger questions of Siena’s past and Jordan’s unfinished task of scattering his mother's ashes separate them, can they endure the length of road that divides them? As the miles roll on, Jordan is forced to face the reality of who his mother was and discover the man he will become.

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all roads south

 If you want to make a journey, do not assign your companions to gather vehicles, spare tires and gas money, instead teach them to long for the endless immensity of the open road.
Bastardization of Antoine De-Saint Exupery

Clark is taking his kids on this trip come hell, high water, divorce, mild bruising, or Monteczuma’s revenge. He spent three years saving for it, and not his wife leaving him for another man, the loss of his job, or even the threat of incarceration will stop him. He will make it to Tierra del Fuego, if he just keeps the Motor home moving forward and on a road leading south. With his 17 year old daughter Chloe and 8 year old son Jack as unwitting accomplices, and possible kidnapping victims, they thread their way through Latin America. When they per chance bump into Anne and her son Jordan riding their motorcycles the same direction, they decide to combine their journeys. As the groups intertwine, new relationships are made while existing ones are strained and the trauma of the journey threatens to break even the strongest bonds.
As the tolls on each of them accumulate and the weariness of travel sets in, one question remains, which among them will complete the journey? 

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the end of the road

 Anne tries to remember when and where her life spiraled out of control, was it when she took off on her husband’s motorcycle, or the first time she woke up next to a stranger, or was it years prior, the first time she wished her life away?

Anne Carter might have stolen a page from Captain Morgan’s playbook; certainly her leather riding pants give her an air of seductive danger. But her drunken and licentious motorcycle journey across the country is starting to take its toll. As the miles roll on and the list of egregious sins accumulate, we start to unravel the dark and heartbreaking past that set her on this road. When she reunites with her teenage son Jordan, she will have to look deeper into herself than she would like. Can she find the woman and mother that she was, or will she be cursed to endure the recurring agony of her poor yet tremendously exciting choices? And if she does stumble upon love, can she manage to hold onto it? As the panoramic beauty of Western America passes by her story peels back and shows the exposed core of who Anne Carter is. 

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About Us

We burned the groves to stave the frost

  Decades after a Florida house fire that left one boy dead, a group of friends who have not spoken to each other since that fateful night must reunite to come to grips with what happened in the great citrus freeze. As an investigator closes in on the group, threatening to destroy the lives they built since, each must finally take accountability for their actions and fill in their piece of the mystery that surrounded that fateful night. As each recounts their version of the events that lead up to the incident, each will finally come to understand the part they played and maybe how the repercussions of their actions continue to haunt their lives.  

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  Want to work harder and longer?  Do you dream of how to effectively utilize the space within your cubicle? Want to make more money?  Do you want a book that will make all your career goals come true?  

Then this is NOT the book for you. Dr. Richard Cranium pHd, BS, ADD, ADHD, CFS has consolidated decades of bitterness and snarky comments into one easy read.  If you want the secrets of successful slacking, interoffice romance and integrated daydreaming, interspersed with hilarious stories and features about that thing we all love to hate: Work.  

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ERos' game

Sex, Love or Money, what will you play for?

Not for the faint of heart.

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